Cannibal Bunnies

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The destiny of the pink bunnies is in your hands. They desperately need your help to survive. Their world has been infested with malicious and wicked cannibal bunnies. Use your agility, speed and logic to prevent them from being cruelly crunched by the evil bunnies. Cannibal Bunnies features hours of game play, 45 levels spread in three different worlds and one bonus level for the experts who have defied the evil and rescued the complete population of bunnies. Accept this unique challenge and test your skills and force to beat the enemy. Expect to encounter lots of bunnies in your quest.

Une création de : Creative Drop Studios

Une création de :

Film/Vidéo :

Expérience 7 (Vidéo d'intro)

Jean-Pierre Serra

Eric Belisle

Eric Belisle
Mathieu Boucher

Effets sonores
Sound Snap
Sound Dogs

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Creative Drops Studios

Eric Belisle

Design interactif
Martin Plourde

Effets sonores
Sound Snap

Commentaires (4)

Je veux un iPad!

What a twist at the end! The game is a lot of fun too.

Très drôle!! Good job!

Un gros merci à Creative Drops Studios de m'avoir permis de me joindre à l'aventure des lapins roses. J'ai pu laisser libre cours à mes idées tordues.

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  • 01.02.2011