Privacy Policy


  1. Goal of the Policy
  2. Scope
  3. Use of Personal Information
  4. Security of Personal Information
  5. Use of Cookies
  6. Accessing and Deleting Personal Information
  7. Your Obligations
  8. Changes to the Privacy Policy


1. Goal of the Policy


Reservoir T values the trust of its Talents and is committed to protecting their personal information. Reservoir T has created this Privacy Policy accordingly, in compliance with Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and Québec's Private Sector Privacy Act.


2. Scope


This policy applies wherever a Talent enters personal information on the Reservoir T website, specifically:

First and last names, Date of birth,Email address, Password, City where the Talent works, Photo, Other identifying information

Reservoir T collects only the personal information it needs to provide the services and functionalities offered on the website and enable each Talent to take full advantage of Reservoir T.

This policy does not apply to:

Visitors, who are not required to provide personal information and are thus not identifiable;

Information that each Talent voluntarily makes public in their Profile, on a Creation page, or in any other document prepared by the Talent. This information is used to promote the Talent's services on the site; it is not mandatory, but it helps promote the Talent and enables industry stakeholders to better assess the Talent's ability to meet their needs.

Please note that Reservoir T will never ask a Talent to provide the following information:

Social insurance numberTelephone numberHome addressInformation regarding health, race, political opinions, religious beliefs, or criminal record.

A. Public Information

Please note that Reservoir T does not make all information collected during the creation of your profile accessible to the public. Visitors and other Talents browsing the Reservoir T website can see only:

Your first and last namesYour profile photoYour place of workInformation included to complement your profile, such as your description, training, employers and URL

B. Private Information

Your email address, password and date of birth will not under any circumstance be shown on the Reservoir T website.

Reservoir T's Privacy Policy is complemented by the Terms and Conditions governing use of the Reservoir T website.


3. Use of Personal Information


Reservoir T uses your personal information in accordance with the above mentioned laws to ensure optimal delivery of the services you have registered for. Reservoir T will never:

Sell, exchange or in any other way disclose your personal information to a third party; Transmit your personal information to Reservoir T advertisers, except in aggregated or anonymous form.

In using Reservoir T's services, Talents understand that Reservoir T may use certain personal information to contact them in regard to its mission.

A. Consent to Reservoir T's Use of Your Personal Information

The information you provide to Reservoir T may reveal, or allow others to identify, your nationality, ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, geographic location or other aspects of your personal life. By providing us with this information to create your profile, or by adding complementary information to your Reservoir T profile, you voluntarily and specifically agree to the conditions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, thereby authorizing Reservoir T to process your data. Submitting information to Reservoir T, including information deemed "sensitive" by applicable law, is entirely voluntary on your part. You are entitled to withdraw your consent to the collection and processing of your information by Reservoir T at any time, in keeping with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, either by modifying your optional data or by closing your profile. Please note that your withdrawal of consent will not be retroactive.

B. Reservoir T Communication

As described in our Terms and Conditions, Reservoir T will contact you by email and through postings on the Reservoir T website. Reservoir T may send you emails with information about activities related to your profile and regarding Reservoir T news or service changes. Reservoir T also reserves the right to send you promotional information, on the part of Reservoir T or its partners, unless you choose to unsubscribe from the message services listed at the bottom of an email.

C. Talent Communication

Your name will appear in the subject line of certain emails you send via Reservoir T (e.g., invitations sent to non-Talents). Other emails that you send via Reservoir T (e.g., response to the work of another Talent) will feature your name and photo. A Talent must visit your profile to access your other personal information.

D. Sharing Information with Third Parties

The protection of your personal information is an absolute priority for Reservoir T. Reservoir T does not sell, rent or in any other way transfer your personally identifiable data to third parties for commercial purposes. Reservoir T may share your personally identifiable data with third parties only with Reservoir T advertisers, and only in aggregated or anonymous form.

When you register with Reservoir T, your public profile corresponds to the information displayed on web search engines when a search is performed on your name.

4. Security of Personal Information


Reservoir T uses a security infrastructure established to ensure that files containing personal information are maintained in a satisfactory manner, consistent with the most stringent industry standards. To ensure the security of your personal information, access to your information on Reservoir T is password-protected. To protect the information you store on our servers, Reservoir T conducts routine system scans to address vulnerabilities and potential sources of attack. However, since the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, Reservoir T cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to Reservoir T. Our physical, technical and managerial safeguards are no guarantee that information will not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. You are responsible for the protection and security of your connection data.

5. Use of Cookies


In certain cases, Reservoir T uses cookies while operating the Web site. These cookies do not contain personal information and do not identify you; they are simply used to recognize your computer.

Reservoir T uses two types of cookies:

A. Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are used to greet you on the site using your Talent name from one session to the next. These persistent cookies give you access to profiles and creations in your region. The cookie remembers the country, province/state and city you entered during your last visit to Reservoir T. In all cases, these cookies are used to enrich your experience, security and comfort on the site. There is no link between persistent cookies and your personal information. Persistent cookies are never used to monitor your activities on other Web sites.

B. With Marketing Emails

When we send marketing emails to our Talents, we may allow authorized third parties to install or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. The information provided to third parties via these cookies will not be personally identifiable but may provide general information (e.g., your field, geographic location, contributor roles or information about your professional or educational background) to better customize your experience as a Talent. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, but you can modify your browser preferences to block cookies or indicate when a cookie is being installed. Reservoir T does not store unencrypted personally identifiable information in the cookies.

6. Accessing and Removing Personal Information


Reservoir T authorizes you to access your personal information at any time in the "Edit My Profile" section. You may:

Correct personal information in part or in full; Remove non-mandatory personal information from the site.

If a Talent wishes to remove personal information identified as mandatory on Reservoir T, his or her profile will have to be closed.

You can close your profile via the Reservoir T website. If you close your profile on Reservoir T, your name and other personally identifiable information in our public database will be deleted. Thus, your profile will be deleted and no longer accessible. Your name will, however, remain on pages associated with creations to which you have contributed. To delete your name from a creation, you must contact the administrator of the creation and ask him or her to remove your name. When a profile is closed, Reservoir T nonetheless keeps all the links between your profile and the creations for which you have been given credit. If you wish to reopen your profile, you can use the same email address in order to recover this information. Reservoir T is under no obligation to keep your information and may delete the information in your profile in part or in full, with no responsibility on its part.

Saving Profiles in the Event of Death

If we are notified that a Talent has passed away, we can save the Talent's profile. In such a case, Reservoir T may limit access to or even close the Talent's profile upon receiving a written request to do so from a friend, relative or legal representative of the Talent.

7. Your Obligations


As a Talent, you have certain obligations with regard to other Talents:

You must, under all circumstances, comply with the terms set out in Reservoir T's Privacy Policy and its Terms and Conditions. This implies respecting the intellectual property and publication rights of others.You may not download or in any other way distribute information that may be considered injurious, violent, insulting, racist or xenophobic, or that could in any way violate the purpose and spirit of Reservoir T and its community.You must not provide Reservoir T and or/other Talents information you believe may be injurious are damaging to yourself or your social or professional status.You must safeguard your password and not share it with third parties.Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the restriction, suspension or cancellation of your profile, at the sole discretion of Reservoir T.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy


Reservoir T reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. If we make significant changes to our manner of treating your personally identifiable data or to this Privacy Policy, we will post these changes in the "Information" section on Reservoir T or notify you by email. Unless otherwise indicated, our Privacy Policy applies to all information we have in regard to you and your profile. For questions about the Reservoir T Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Consent for Minors

Any person wishing to create a profile on Reservoir T must be 13 years of age or older, or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian.