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Montreal, March 8th 2011 – Écorce Atelier Créatif presents Reservoir T, the result of a brand new collaboration with Jean-Pierre Serra, founder of video production company Experience 7. Reservoir T is a web platform for professionals in the arts and multimedia industries. « We are proud to have created a platform which will not only allow the sharing of existing creations, but also inspire new ones by encouraging networking between users », says Karl-Frédéric Anctil, president of Écorce.


The T is for Talent


Truly a talent network, Reservoir T has the mission to provide a place where artists, established or emerging, can connect, share, and above all, build partnerships for future collaborations. Aside from offering a space to present portfolios, Reservoir T’s vocation is to showcase all the people involved in a creative project, notably with the use of a tagging tool. It believes in talent synergy and all the brilliant art coming out of it.

Reservoir T is all about teamwork. That is why the 7 fields showcased are: Film/Video, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Print, Video Game and Web.


Creativity Networking


“Nowadays, a creative project involves talents across multiple areas in art and multimedia”, says Jean-Pierre Serra, founder of Reservoir T. “For example, a video game can engage  artists from gaming, film, music and web. Reservoir T gathers all these names into one credits list. With this new platform, we offer a quick, easy and cost-free way for talents around the world to promote their creations”

Mr. Serra and Mr. Anctil are unanimous that a project like this was meant to start in Quebec, a place renowned for its rich creativity.


About Reservoir T


Reservoir T is an initiative of Jean-Pierre Serra, engineer by degree and multimedia entrepreneur since 2004. Always looking out for innovative projects, Écorce Atelier Créatif got the mandate to elaborate the website, from design to finish. Online since January 7th, Reservoir T already has more than 300 members. The official launch will take place Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011, from 5 to 7 p.m. at neighborhood bar Les Pas Sages, on East Rachel Street.

Reservoir T is a free worldwide bilingual network.


About Écorce Atelier Créatif

Écorce Atelier Créatif is a brand partner. The agency helps brands to interact with their target and influence their industry. Either by creating visual identity, elaborating interactive strategies, advertisement and/or graphic design, Écorce always makes sure to deliver a highly creative and strategic product.


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Antoine Levasseur, Project manager

Écorce Atelier Créatif

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Reservoir T: Fill ’er Up!


Press Release

January 7th, 2011

Montreal (Quebec), Reservoir T is a web platform that collects talents and showcases their creativity to the world. This site was officially launched on January 7th, 2011 at the Lion d'Or, during the ritual monthly viewing of Kino'00. An evening entirely dedicated to film directors who present their latest creation to their peers. For this special launch, Reservoir T produced its own video, which introduced the concept behind the website to the audience.

A Hub for Artists to Regroup

The strength of Reservoir T is the potential to bring together talents working in 7 different creative fields: Film/Video, Music, Performing Arts/Events, Photography, Print and Web. The site also introduces a new approach in creating a personalized portfolio.   

The Viral Aspect

In addition to promoting their creations locally and globally, each talent can express their gratitude by giving credit to all contributors for the role they played in one creation. Then, an email will be sent to all contributors mentioning they've been added to the credit list for a specific creation. By the same occasion, they will be invited to join the Reservoir T community.

The idea grew in our mind from seeing too often artists go above and beyond to gather all elements needed to build a portfolio and then try to promote it.

Reservoir T not only makes it easy for talents to create their portfolio, but also acts as a hub for the arts and multimedia industry.  Employers, advertising and production agencies will soon have access to a complete repertoire of artists coming from all different corners of the world.

This wide community will attract web adepts from everywhere making Reservoir T the go to place for entertainment, inspiration and the sharing of ideas. 


For more information contact:

Jean-Pierre Serra

Talent Hunter, Reservoir T

514-285-2345 #702