1. Fun Facts


What does the T stand for?

The T is for talent! Reservoir T collects talents and promotes their creations to the world. It also acts as a hub for artists from different industries.

Does it cost anything to be part of Reservoir T community?

No. Participation in Reservoir T is free, and there are no restrictions on the number of creations a talent can add to its portfolio. There is also no limit on the number of images/media users can upload or embed. Though, if you want your creations or profile to be part of our Featured program, we suggest you visit our Advertising section to see how you can make it happen!

Why are there only 7 creative fields?

Reservoir T promotes fields that generate team work. We came up with 7 different creative fields that ultimately required collaborations. If you feel strongly that a creative field is missing, please share it with us and we’ll keep it in mind for a future version.

Will there be an internal messaging system?

We are definitely looking into having an internal messaging system that would allow talents to communicate with each other. We keep this precious idea for an updated version of Reservoir T.

Will Reservoir T have its own job posting board?

This is one of our goals. Eventually, we want talents to have access to a job posting board, where companies from the industries would use Reservoir T to recruit talents for permanent, part-time or contractual jobs. Before the industries notice us, we need a large number of talents in our reservoir! So tell your colleagues, your friends and your family about us. The more, the merrier.

How could promoting Reservoir T to others be beneficial to me?

It’s simple! The more talents are part of Reservoir T; the more visitors will be drawn to the site to admire those talent’s creations! With this increased traffic, you can make sure that industries and employers will start considering Reservoir T more and more when they are looking for new talents.

How can I help promoting Reservoir T?

  • Talk about us to all creative and talented professionals that you think should be part of the Reservoir T community
  • Fill out the e-mail address field when you give credit to your contributors. A personal invitation will be sent to everyone who don’t have a profile yet.
  • Share your “Likes” to the world by clicking this button every time you like a talent or a creation. If you are logged in with your Facebook profile, this mention will appear in your News Feed and your friends can learn about Reservoir T that way also!
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to become a fan of our Facebook page at facebook.com/ReservoirT


2. Create a Profile


A. Sign Up

Who can create a Reservoir T profile?

Reservoir T is open to the public.  Anyone can create a profile as long as they meet all requirements listed in our Terms & Conditions. Even though most profile will be opened to create portfolios, we encourage visitors, who are not planning on publishing any creation, to still create a profile, so they can comment on the creations. To create a profile, click here.

Can we have a personalized Reservoir T URL?

When you create a profile, you are prompted to generate your own Reservoir T URL. This will be the link you will send people so that they can visit your portfolio. All Reservoir T URLS follow the form www.ReservoirT.com/_______. We suggest you pick something easy to remember. Your name or the name of your company, for example, would be a good choice.

How long does it take for your profile to be valid?

If you've successfully completed your profile, it will be functional instantaneously. You'll receive an email confirming your subscription within a few minutes after completing your profile.

Why haven't I been confirmed?

If you have completed a profile and have not received a response, check your junk mail to make sure it wasn't mistakenly redirected.


B. Edit your profile


How do I edit my profile?

To set up or make changes to your profile, go to “Edit my profile”, which can be found in your own Profile section, once you are logged in.

How do I change my profile picture?

To add or change a profile picture, go to “Edit my profile”, and then click “upload image” under Profile Picture. You can choose a picture of you, your team, your logo, or anything you think best represents you or your organization.

How can I change my contact email address?

Your contact email is the address we'll send notifications to. If you would like to change your email, click “Edit my profile”.

How do I change my password?

If your password isn't cutting it anymore, you can change it in “Edit my profile”.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please request a password change using this link (http://reservoirt.com/login). You will receive an email that will help you change your password.

Can I change my Reservoir T URL?

Yes. You can do so by clicking “Edit my profile” and than by choosing another Reservoir T URL. Your old URL will not be valid anymore since only one URL is allowed per profile.

How can I change my email notifications settings?

Reservoir T notifies you by e-mail when actions are taken that involve you. You can request that Reservoir T no longer contacts you by clicking the link at the bottom of one email received.

By doing so, your name will be removed from Reservoir T contact list and you will no longer receive notifications from Reservoir T.


C. Privacy 

What information on my profile will be available to the public?
The only mandatory information that will be available to the public is your full name and location. The rest of the information (your picture, about me, employer, education, URL, network and all creations included in your portfolio) is also public but is optional to the creation of your profile. 

What information on my profile will remain private?                                                                                     

Your email address, password, and date of birth will remain private at all time. 

How do I delete my profile?

To delete your profile, click on “Edit my profile”, and there, you'll have the option to delete it.

Before you do so, please note that:

  • All of your content will be deleted.
  • All of your information, including your “about me”, your education, employers and associations, etc. will be deleted.
  • You will no longer have access to your profile and your creations.
  • Though your account is deleted, your name will still remain in the credit list of all creations 

you’ve been given credit. The only way to delete your name of this credit list is to directly

contact each administrator of each creation and ask him/her to remove your name from the list of contributors.

  • You can always recreate your profile whenever you want. All your creations will be automatically linked if using the same email address to re-open your account.


3. Creating a Portfolio

A. Creation & Editing

How do I create a portfolio on Reservoir T?

To showcase your work on Reservoir T, you must register and create a talent profile.

How do I publish a creation to my portfolio?

To publish a creation and edit your portfolio, follow these steps:

1) Login to your profile
2) Click the "Add a creation" button

3) Fill out all the required information including all credits
4) Select the type for the primary visual to upload and embed code if necessary

5) Upload all extra visuals

6) Click "Publish"
7) An email will be sent to all contributors that you gave credit to and the creation will automatically be added to both, your and their portfolios.

How do I reorganize the sequence of my creations in my portfolio?

To reorganize the sequence of your creations in your portfolio, first roll over the creation you want to be moved, then click the button “Reorganize” in the right corner of the image and finally write the position you wish this creation to appear.

What is an administrator?

The administrator is the Reservoir T member who publishes the creation. Only the administrator can make changes to the creation he/she publishes.

Can an administrator transfer his control to someone else?

There can only be one administrator per creation, but the administrator can always transfer its power. On every creation, there is a link you can click on and request to become the administrator of a creation. 

How can I upload a video on Reservoir T?

You can’t upload a video on Reservoir T per say. You have to upload it somewhere else and copy/paste the embed code in the appropriate section.

We suggest you upload your videos on websites such as:

Copy/paste the URL from www.youtube.com

Copy/paste the URL from www.vimeo.com

Copy/paste the Embed code from any other video websites (ex.: http://www.dailymotion.com/)

All video links must be pasted in the “Principal visual” or “Secondary visual” sections.

Why don’t you allow talents to upload videos?

This version is still in Beta. We have limited bandwidth and server space. In the near future, our objective is to allow talents to upload videos and have our own video player system.

Are there any criteria to what creation should and should not be published?

Yes. Click the following link to view if your creation meets the Required Criteria established by Reservoir T.

I published my creation but can't find it as part of my portfolio on Reservoir T. Where is it?

First, make sure that your name and role has been added to the credit list. Also, there are many ways to filter the Reservoir T. The default view is by "Featured Creations." You can find your recently uploaded creation in the Reservoir T filter "Most Recent." If you select one of the creative fields associated with your creation from the dropdown menu, and then click "Most Recent," you'll be able to find your creation. You can also find it by using the search engine by typing the exact title of your creation.


B. Creative Fields

What are creative fields?

Creative fields are the categories Reservoir T uses to organize the creations and talents on its site.  They are 7 of them: Film/Video, Video Game, Print, Music, Photography, Performing Arts/Event, and Web.  While we understand that all creations and talents do not always fall neatly into these categories, having a system of categorization helps people who are browsing and searching to find what they are looking for.

Creative fields are omnipresent on Reservoir T. You can find them in the filter system while you are browsing in the creations’ window. Also, notice the small symbols on every thumbnail of each creation. They represent all fields a creation falls in.

You can also find creative fields in the filter system for talents. Before browsing for a specific talent, you will need to select a creative field.

I feel strongly that a certain creative field is missing. Who should I tell?

If you’d like to suggest that a creative field be added, please contact us and make yourself heard!

How are creations linked to creative field?

You will be giving credit to contributors according to the role they played in the appropriate tab (video/film, photography, video game etc.). This will automatically inscribe your creation under these categories.  For example, if all credits you filled out were under the photography tab, than when browsing and searching your creation, it will be posted under the Photography creative field.  In a case where you give credit to people who worked in more than one creative field, such as music, video game and web for example, when browsing and searching your creation, it will be shown under those three respective fields; music.  

Notice the small symbols on every thumbnail of each creation. They represent all fields a creation falls into.


C. Giving Credit 


How can a role be linked to my profile?

Roles can only be linked to a profile if you have worked on a creation that has been published on Reservoir T. For example, if you are publishing a video where you played a role in the script writing, than this role will automatically be added to the roles listed on your profile. If you are publishing a creation where you played several roles, such as the directing, direction of photography and acting, then, you will have three new roles added to your profile. 

The same thing happens if another talent adds your name and roles to the credit list. Those roles will automatically be added to your profile.

How do I give credit to my crew?

Before publishing your creation, make sure you gave credit to all contributors in the section “Who contributed to this creation”.  Give credits according to the person’s role. Write their names and roles in the appropriate tab.   For example, if your creation is a music video, give credit to everyone who contributed to the music in the “Music tab” and everyone who contributed to the video in the “Video tab”.  An e-mail will be sent to advise all contributors of your post. If they don’t have a registered profile yet, it will invite them to join the Reservoir T community.

What is the message that will be sent to all contributors when I publish the creation?

If the talent has not joined Reservoir T yet, the message will be:


« Administrator’s name » has given you credit!

“Talent’s name”,

« Administrator’s name » just published the creation “name of creation” on ReservoirT.com.

« Administrator’s name » is getting the word out about your contribution to the creation “name of creation”. You have been added to the credits under the following role: “General Role”, “Specific Role”.

We invite you to visit the page of “name of creation” to take a glance at the creation you’ve contributed to.

If you wish to make any modifications to the credit given to you, we ask that you contact « Administrator’s name » directly who is the administrator of this creation.

“Talent’s name”, Reservoir T encourages you to create a profile and be a part of our community! The creation “name of creation” will automatically be added to your portfolio. To see an example, check out « Administrator’s name »’s profile at ReservoirT.com/”ProfileAdministrator”

We hope we get the opportunity to welcome you as a talent on Reservoir T very soon,

The Reservoir T Crew


If the talent is already part of the Reservoir T community, the message will be the same, except for the last paragraph (the one that encourage subscription) which won’t be needed.

I want to give credit to a contributor, but I don’t have his/her email address. Can I still add his/her name anyways?

Yes. You can still give credit to a contributor for which you don’t have an email address.  Though, this contributor will not receive an email confirming your gesture and this creation will not be added to this contributor’s portfolio. This contributor will be able to add the creation to his/her portfolio manually once he/she will have created a profile.

Why is it important that I give proper credits to contributors when publishing a new creation?

Giving credits is important because that’s how you’ll get to help build your contributors’ portfolios and by all mean, this will encourage them in doing the same for you. 

Why do I have to select from a list of pre-existing roles?

We need a list of pre-existing roles for two main reasons: 1. We need the pre-existing roles for translation. 2. To be able to regroup people under one role instead of having them spread out through many roles that will end up having the same meaning. For example, we would not want half of the movie director to be credited in the “Directing” role and the other half in the “Film making” section. We chose only one: Directing.

Please note that the general roles are limited to the pre-existing list but that the specific roles are not. You can type anything you want in the “specific roles” section.

I want to credit a contributor or myself for a role but I can’t find it in the pre-existing list. What should I do?

We suggest giving credit to the talent by selecting the role that is the closest to the role you are looking for. Once you have published the creation, please share your request by contacting us.  If this request is approved, you will receive a confirmation by email and than you will be able to make the correction by selecting the appropriate role for this talent.

An administrator added my name and role to a creation but I don’t want it linked to my portfolio. What can I do?

You always have the option to remove a creation from your portfolio. If an administrator added your name and role to a creation but you don’t want it linked to your portfolio, you simply need to roll over the creation onto your portfolio and click the “Delete” button. 

Please note that your name will remain part of the credit listed on the creation page accessible to the public. If you do not want your name to appear on this credit list, you will need to contact the administrator directly.

I worked alone on a creation; can I still publish it as part of my portfolio?

Yes you can. But note that we strongly encourage talents to publish a creation that promotes teamwork. This is what makes Reservoir T unique and different from all other sites where you build portfolios.

I created my profile, but the creation I received credit for has not been added to my portfolio, even though I received an email confirming my contribution?

It is possible that the administrator used a different email address than the one you used to create your profile. If this is the case, we suggest that you visit the creation page and click on your name. A message will pop up asking you to confirm your identity. Follow the instructions and you will be able to link this creation to your portfolio.  


D. Promoting your Creation 


Where can I promote my creation?

Our goal at Reservoir T is to provide you with one central place to publish and manage your creations, providing you with unlimited opportunities to promote it.

By giving credit to all contributors, you run the chance to broaden your professional network as well. Also, Reservoir T encourages you to take advantage of our “Featured Program” that allows you to showcase your creations and profile on our welcoming page. Your profile or creations will be featured by default every time someone visits Reservoir T.  For more info, visit our Advertising section.


How are "Featured" creations and talents selected?

All featured creations and talents on Reservoir T are prepaid. Talents, who want to showcase their creations or their profile as part of our featured category, can do so if they are willing to pay for it.  Visit our Advertising section to see how you can make it happen!

Why can't I like a creation more than once?

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional. We limit each user to one appreciation on each creation to prevent abuse of the system.

I am interested in purchasing, using, or finding out more about a specific creation and talent I see on Reservoir T.

At Reservoir T, we host the platform for creative professionals to publish their creations and portfolios, but we don't own the rights to any of the creations. To find out more about a specific creation, visit the administrator profile for a given creation. Try contacting this person via their personal website or Facebook.


E. Technical Info and Formats 


What browsers does Reservoir T support?

Reservoir T is fully supported by IE7, IE8+, Firefox 3.5 + , Safari 4+, and Opera 10+. 

Reservoir T has limited support on IE6, Opera 9, and Firefox 3.

What formats of visual images do you accept?

Currently, we support JPEG, GIF and PNG file uploads. We recommend JPEG and PNG files for the highest quality. Images can be up to 3MB

What formats of videos do you accept?

Currently, only YouTube URL, Vimeo URL and embed code videos can be supported.

What formats of audio do you accept?

Currently, only YouTube URL, Vimeo URL and embed code videos can be supported.

Why can't I upload CMYK images?

Digital images are always displayed in RGB mode. If images are converted from CMYK to RGB there is no way to get an exact color match. The image would not look correct if it were uploaded in CMYK mode.

Why are my images blurry?

Even though we support JPEG, GIF and PNG image files, we do not recommend using GIF images because they do not resize well. Instead, try using JPEG or PNG files for the highest quality.

How can I get a 'full bleed' image on a thumbnail?

In order to get a full bleed (no margins between the creation body and the page border), the thumbnail image must be 600 pixels wide or larger (if larger, it will be resized to 600 pixels). The ratio of you image must be 16:9. So an image of 600 x 337 would be the smallest image you could upload on Reservoir T if you want “full bleed” for your thumbnail.


4. Legal  


There is a copyright infringement on my work on Reservoir T. What can you do about it?
We take such matters as copyright protection and preservation of ownership very seriously. Our goal is to serve our members and fully protect their rights.

If you think that someone has infringed on your rights, we encourage you to contact this administrator by posting a comment or by accessing his personal contact information listed on the talent’s profile.  

If the talent does not answer or refuses to cooperate, please send us a message through the “Contact Us” section and clearly explain the situation. If we judge your request legitimate, we will send an official warning to the defaulting talent. If after 24 hours, no action has been taken from his/her part, we will send a second warning. Finally, after another 24 hour, we will delete the creation ourselves.  For more information, see our Copyright regulations in our Terms & Conditions section.

Why doesn't Reservoir T use technology to prevent "right clicks" of creations’ images?

For the following reasons, Reservoir T does not use any "flash capsules" or other tricks to prevent images from being saved:

(1) Screen capture will work anywhere on web anyway. Regardless of what mechanism is used by any site in the world, a simple keystroke enables a user to capture an image of anything on the web and save it as a jpeg. We, and other major content hosting sites, have come to realize that adding more code and obstacles to prevent a right-click save only increase the number of problems that users encounter.

(2) Many browsers are more likely to display images poorly (or inconsistently) if technology is used to put a flash "capsule" around them and prevent saving the image.

Our team is always open to suggestions and follows the advances in technology to ensure that Reservoir T gives the optimal experience for its participants.