Featured T: Ulule

June 27th, 2012

Three questions about the work of Ulule

Ulule is a crowd funding website, based in France, which discovers original projects that need a financial boost. Since its launch in 2010, nearly 1,000 innovative projects have been funded in 27 countries, with the support of Internet users in 108 countries. We asked Ulule three questions about the functioning of the site and their success.

1. How does the crowd funding system work and how is it beneficial for donors?

The concept of Ulule is simple: people submit their creative project on the platform by detailing a budget, duration and rewards they offer in exchange for the support of Internet users. Once reaching the financial goal, project leaders receive the funds, finalize their projects, and repay their supporters with rewards. What is interesting about this system is that the contributor is actually integrated into the creative process. The relationship between artist and fan goes from vertical to horizontal as they give each other something.

As an example, see Paphu vs Idols, a web-series about a hero 8 pixels high which is being funded on Ulule.

2. Are social networks playing an important role in promoting the projects on Ulule?

Ulule is based on the community principle: the more a project is shared, the better it is funded. Most creators use social networks to promote their projects, update their supporters and welcome comments and suggestions. It is a total social experience! In addition, the platform itself is a social network since through the forum, the customizable profile pages and internal messaging system, Ululers are invited to take part in the conversation beyond the mere financing.

3. Ulule has been up and running for almost two years now and has already helped finance nearly 1,000 projects. How do you explain this success story?

The crowd called the crowd. This is true for projects and this is true for Ulule! We are very proud of this achievement. Growth is exponential - at the same time last year, we celebrated the first 100 funded projects! There are many great things happening in the coming months at Ulule and we have a ton of ideas on how to further improve the platform.